WEP aka Wired Equivalent Privacy


Wired Equivalent Privacy aka WEP aka Wireless Encryption Protocol was a popular security algorithm that was set as the default encryption method on home broadband wireless routers and modems.

Why you should not use WEP

Security weaknesses were found in WEP and have since been exploited. It is now possible to crack a WEP-protected wireless network in a few minutes using easily available software tools.

Choosing WEP as your wireless network's security method will deter the casual user from gaining access to your network (and broadband connection) but not someone who knows what they are doing.

By downloading a WEP cracking tool someone can gain access to your wireless router within a few minutes.

Last word

To protect your wireless network use WPA2, or WPA for older equipment that does not support WPA2 and cannot be upgraded to support it.

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Article date: 26th February 2011

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