What is Opting out?


Opting-out is where you choose NOT to receive any further communications from a company or service.

To Opt out

When you buy or sign up for something there is usually an option to opt out of further communications from the service or company. By selecting the Opt Out option you are choosing not to receive further communications or direct marketing from the service or company and their associates.

What tends to happen is that the Opt Out option is there by default or because of a requirement of some sort. In my experience all an opt out does is to confirm - to the individual or company that is sending you the communications that your email address exists and so they can feel free to keep spamming you.

Last word

What I tend to do is to flag all such emails as spam, especially if I never initiated them in the first place. If they are related to a recent purchase or sign-up then I will use the opt-out option if available and then give them a week to stop sending me further spam emails. If they don't then I flag the emails as spam and then set up an email filter to filter out these emails into the trash so I can just ignore them.

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Article date: 6th March 2011

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