What is a Proxy Server?


A proxy server is a computer that acts as a relay between your computer and other computers.

Why use a proxy server?

The main uses of proxy servers are:

  1. To control access to the internet, web sites, services and all online content (at work for instance)
  2. To allow access to content that you are not permitted to access from your location (i.e. the UK) but by accessing a proxy (i.e. in the US) you can now access the content because it is the proxy machine's location that is verified, not yours.
  3. To remain anonymous. A proxy server can pass on the requested content to your computer without providing the details of your computer (such as your IP address) to the remote computer you are accessing
  4. To bypass network or regional restrictions
  5. To speed-up page loading by employing caching

Last word

Proxy servers are a great way to bypass regional and security restrictions, remain anonymous and give yourself access to content that you would not normally have access to.

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Article date: 24th February 2011

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