Securing the Sky Hub

This brief article details the settings you should consider changing in order to make your Sky Hub home broadbrand router more secure.

In a web browser type in the IP address and hit return. To access the options below you will need the router password. The username will be 'admin'.

  • Wireless > Wireless Access Point > Enable WPS - Disable
  • Wireless > Wireless Access Point > Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID) - disable
  • Wireless > Wireless Station Access List - use this to restrict device access
  • Wireless > Security Options > WPA2-PSK(AES) - do not use Disable or WEP
  • Wireless > WPA2-PSK Security Encryption > Network key - set the key to a random 63-character string
  • Security > Block Sites > Keyword Blocking > Always - add sites you wish to restrict to the block list
  • Maintenance > Attached Devices - check list to confirm all connected devices are known to you
  • Maintenance > Backup Settings > Save a Copy of Current Settings - save to PC for easy restore later if needed
  • Maintenance > Set Password - change the password for accessing the router from the one provided by Sky
  • Advanced > WAN Setup > Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port - Disable
  • Advanced > WAN Setup > Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port(IPV6) - Disable
  • Advanced > Remote Management > Turn Remote Management On - Disable
  • Advanced > UPnP > Turn UPnP On - Leave on if you have Sky+HD boxes and other devices that need to talk to each other, otherwise disable

Don't forget to save all changes you make on each page and logout of your router when you are done. If you wish to change any settings back later just log back in, make the change, save and logout.

Last updated: 16th December 2017

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