The Top 10 annoying things about being a Tester

The life of a QA Tester can be both challenging and rewarding, but it is not without it's annoyances. The following are my Top 10.

  1. You get annoyed when services or products you use outside of work are imperfect or faulty
  2. You can't stop testing everything in your daily life looking for faults or weaknesses in products, services and systems
  3. You get angry when companies or their representatives appear not to care about the quality of their services or products
  4. You get annoyed when other testers do not appear to be as passionate about testing as you
  5. You get annoyed when the business does not understand the benefits of testing or just views it as a nice-to-have but not critical business process
  6. The company you work for will not spend any money on test tools or training but is happy to spend money on their developers needs
  7. You get defensive when you are told your bug is not a bug or is not worth fixing
  8. You are told that agile means that testing is done at the end of a sprint, time permitting
  9. When time or money is tight testing is the first area to receive cut-backs
  10. You are not given enough time or resources to complete the required amount of testing

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Last updated: 23rd December 2017

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