Are you addicted to internet TV?

Top Ten reasons to determine if you are addicted to internet TV (online or downloads)

  1. You always know what the last episode was that you watched of a particular series, and the next one that you are waiting for, and you think of each episode in the format S02E03.
  2. When your friends talk about popular adverts you have no idea what they are talking about because your TV viewing is ad-free.
  3. You don't have to stay up or stay in to watch a particular show as you can watch it whenever you want to.
  4. You know what a codec is
  5. After watching an episode you are more likely to contribute to online discussions about the show and look up trivia about the episode you just watched.
  6. You discover new music after hearing a snippit in an episode you just watched, and quickly locate it on YouTube after Googling the lyrics you heard.
  7. You know that an average program length of around 41 minutes is around 350MBs in size for a low quality file.
  8. You know the air dates of all your favourite shows and when they will return next after a break.
  9. You watch so much TV that you recognise actors and can name at least two other shows that they have been in.
  10. You have watched far too many shows that have been cancelled.

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Article date: 5th December 2010

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