Character Profiles


Dave is the company CEO. His role is to ensure that the company keeps ticking over and making money. When he is not carrying out his managerial duties he's playing either a Grand Theft Auto or Tomb Raider game on one platform or another. To say it's an addiction would be an understatement. He loves gadgets and tends to buy them, use them for a bit and then discard them. An expensive hobby and one that annoys him, as he never seems to get any real value out of them for long. He keeps meaning to set up an eBay account to sell his collection. His latest hobby is restoring a classic Mini.


Kaye is the managing director of the company. Her role is to ensure that the company stays in business. With experience of running her own company under her belt, Kaye was brought on board to manage the day-to-day running of the company so that Dave could spend more time working on building up his gadget collection.


Emma is the company HR director. She originally joined the company to help run things. She is a lot smarter than she lets on and can hold her own in a guys-talking-tech conversation. She is determined to teach the guys that there is more to life than computers. She firmly believes that they actually think that food either comes in a take-away container or a Tesco carrier bag.


Anna is head of Sales. It is her job to go out and meet potential customers and convince them to buy our products. This usually means keeping them from meeting JP and convincing Dave to make sacrifices and to cut costs and agree deadlines. In her spare time she plays RPGs on-line and watches scary movies.


Hing is the Michael Palin of computer games. He has travelled millions of virtual miles through games. He does not play them so much as explore them. Convinced that most games have side missions with secret places to explore and items to find he has spent many hours in front of a screen playing on one platform or another. He has completed more games than anyone we know. Hing's job is to help test our software to make sure that it does what it says on the tin.


Wes is our quality control expert. His role is to ensure that nothing we produce looks pants. When he is not checking software for bugs or documents for typos he can be found surfing the net looking up topics that even Google finds hard to categorise. Some of his interests are the reason why the company has a really good firewall and anti-virus setup.


JP is head application developer. He is known for his off-the-wall plans that never cease to amuse. He is addicted to computer games, (or more precisely, just buying them because the box looks cool), loves programming, and beer. His sense of humour keeps the guys sane especially when nearing deadlines and nothing works. If something cannot be completed with a certain amount of determination and several bottles of Stella then it was obviously not meant to be. Seriously dude.


Ohp is our main web and database developer. He is content to come in to the office each day and get the job done as long as there is a sufficient supply of caffeine. He sees his main goal at the company as convincing Gisky to change the network from a Microsoft platform to Linux. His knowledgeable background in Science and Engineering tends to come to light when watching Sci-Fi with the guys. He often enjoys pointing out plot holes and inconsistencies during the evenings viewing in a way that adds to the enjoyment of the movie.


Mark is our Unix guru and DBA. When he is not writing complex scripts he spends his time collecting Doctor Who memorabilia and watching re-runs of Buffy. While the rest of the guys rush to buy the latest hi-tech computers and latest gadgets, Mark is content using lo-tech to meet his needs and is happy to spend his time collecting 80's memorabilia.


Richard is our security admin. He is so paranoid that someone is going to steal his identity and fly around the world with a couple of Playmates under each arm (Ed: How much are we paying him exactly?) that he has taken every electronic precaution known to man to ensure his privacy and to protect his data. His email is filtered, his phone line only accepts calls from numbers that he has personally vetted and given security clearance to, his mobile is unlisted and his postal mail goes through a shredder. We presume he reads it first.


Gisky is our IT Support and System Administrator rolled into one. He is responsible for maintaining our servers and setting up user accounts. For some reason he gave his stuffed monkey administrator privileges much to the chagrin of JP. JP is convinced that the monkey is reading his emails. Gisky is also a Java programmer and occasionally helps JP and Ohp with the coding when all is well with the IT infrastructure.