What you can do in Days Gone after completing the game

This article is about what you can do in Days Gone (PS4) once you have completed the game to one hundred percent completion. By that I mean that you have completed the game on New Game plus, have collected all collectables and trophies and there appears to be nothing left to complete.

Even though you have completed the game it still allows you to return to the world of Days Gone, to ride your bike, kill freakers and explore. So for those of you still enjoying playing the game I'll cover what you can still do in Days Gone.

Find and complete all tracking areas

If you ride around the world of Days Gone keeping an eye on the circle representing what's near you, you will occasionally see the edge of a blue circle. This indicates a tracking area. Tracking areas have an item within them ranging from parts of bikes, fishing gear, clothing to blood. Investigating the item and following the dots will either lead you to enemy camps, points of interest or a snare. Snares will lift you up into a tree upside down. You will be rendered unconcious and when you wake up you will be stripped of your posessions except your knife, which you can use to escape and retrieve your gear from the enemy.

There are a limited number of tracking areas hidden around the map and when completed they do not respawn.

Kick over all Anarchist cairns

Within the game itself you have to kick over only a few Anarchist cairns (rock piles) to get the trophy, but there are many more hidden throughout the map. Some are hidden in obscure out-of-the-way places, others are easier to find. No one knows if anything happens if you kick over every one.

Give the dog a bone

Boozer's puppy located at Lost Lake island is activated if you possess a squeaky toy bone. When you give it a toy bone it happily plays with it and then loses it at some point after you have been away a while. If you search the map looking for buildings with a green kennel outside then there is a chance that there will be a dog toy inside. There are about 5 or 6 of them that respawn after a while. It was assumed that if you found all the dog toys and gave them to the dog that it would unlock an easter egg, but this has not been proven. Update: An update to the game removes the respawning of the dog toys.

Steal a bike

There are several bandit encounters that result in other motorbikes becoming available to you. For example in one area you can get your hands on 4 red ripper bikes. In another two areas you can get up to 4 random bikes. None as good as yours but they make for a pleasant distraction and they sound and handle differently. If you take one you can happily go for a ride. Note however that even though you are in posession of the bike, your character is unable to repair any damage to it or refuel it. So try to avoid damage or running out of fuel far from your own bike or a camp (where you can pay a mechanic to retrieve your bike). You can also steal a bike from renegade patrols. There are several areas on the map where a rider follows a circular route and you can shoot him off his bike. Try not to shoot the bike or make the bike crash into something as it will take damage and be useless to you. Don't forget that after you are done with your joyride that you can salvage it for scrap.

Practice against mini-hoards

Once all hoards are defeated there remains two areas where you can practice against mini-hoards. One is at Spruce Lake ambush camp the other at Berley Lake ambush camp. After defeating each group of freakers they won't respawn until a day passes or you are away from that area for a while.

Go hunting

Grab your crossbow or favourite weapon and go hunting deer or bear. It's the fastest way to increase camp credits. Wolves too.

Explore the developers creativity

There are several areas on the map where the game developers had a little fun with the environment. If you explore hard enough you'll find a camp with a teddy bears picnic, graves dedicated to various people, walls of graffiti, and other interesting and macarbe scenes. If you find the guy hanging in the bathroom you can shoot him down and then you can search the body for items.

Try to reach the forbidden areas of the map

Most of the edges of the map are shrouded in mist and cannot be seen or reached. However in several parts of the game there are areas shown on the map that can be seen but not reached as they lie on the other side of the river. Many have tried to reach these areas by using ramps and nitro to jump the bike across. Unfortunately you always land in the water. Deacon can swim but only for a few seconds before drowning. Therefore those that have tried to reach these areas have done so by combining jumping the bike as far as possible combined with swimming the remaining distance, but to my knowledge none have made it yet. To try yourself, find a location to jump from and quick save. That way if you die you can respawn ready for your next attempt.

Avoid ambushes

As you ride around you'll encounter the occasional ambush. This can be in the form of a cable strung across the road to knock you off your bike or snipers in trees shooting you off your bike, or burning cars being pushed out in front of you. These attacks respawn after a while so note their location and be careful each time you pass by these locations.

Practice drifting

The more you ride the better you will get at cornering. Have a go at drifting, sliding your bike around corners. Sliding your bike into enemies is also fun. It's even easier in the rain or snow.

Practice your marksmanship

Reachers and Breakers can be hard to kill, unless you practice those headshots. How fast are you at shooting from the hip? With powerful guns you can remove limbs or heads from freakers. Not for the faint of heart.

Tinker with your bike

You can have the toughest bike with colours and decals to suit your tastes or you could downgrade your ride to give yourself more of a challenge. Have a big engine with a small fuel tank so you will need to rely on fuel resupply more. Remove the shroud and protection so that you must be more careful when riding around.

Reactivate ambush camps, hoards and infestation sites

If you want a bigger challenge you can reactivate all or one or more of ambush camps, hoards or infestiation sites. I've done this many times just to give myself an extra challenge once in a while. How long does it take you to wipe them from the map once again? It will also help increase your camp credits.

Save hostages

In various parts of the map you will encounter people stuck in cars with freakers trying to get at them or being held hostage by enemies. If you save them you can get camp credits. Note that where there are more than one hostage you can only save one for some reason. The rest disappear after you choose the one you wish to save. Note also that when you start using the special sniper rifle, the BND-150, that there are reports of different hostage situations being unlocked. I have had two so far in the Lost Lake region. These have been in the form of a guy trapped on a roof as a swarm of freakers enter the building to get him. You have to race against time to take them out before they kill him.

Crow hunting

Right at the bottom of the map to the right of the broken bridge is a camp on a little island that remains inhabited by criers (infected crows). Practice your focus aim by shooting them out of the sky.


There's an easter egg that appears after a while whereby almost every car boot that you open bares the licence plate KTS 488, despite whatever plate is on the front of the car. One theory is that this appears to be a reference to the rare Supergrass CD known as KTS 488.

Record glitches

Even though Bend Studio are no longer patching the game, it still contains bugs and there is an online trend to record and report the most silly glitches you encounter.

Play Hangman

Throughout the game there are bodies hanging from trees and overhead structures just swinging in the wind. You can shoot them down and even search some of the fallen bodies. As you traverse the open world shoot down every hanging body you come across.

Hunt Easter Eggs

There are several theories around hidden easter eggs within this game. What happens if you max out all camp credits for instance? Does anything else happen with Boozer's dog? Can you get to the other side of the river? What happens when you reach 1337 days gone? Keep exploring and if you find anything worth reporting that is not mentioned in this article then drop me an email to let me know.

Collect 3 bottles of whiskey

This is either a glitch or easter egg but on the road north of the petrol station in the Iron Butte region (where the burning car ambush often occurs) you can kill a bunch or rippers about to ambush you and when you loot their bodies you will have 3 bottles of whiskey. These will show up in your inventory as story items. However, unlike the dog toys it is not known what you can do with them.

Burn naughty photos

At Iron Mike's camp find the hut with naughty photos by the sink. If you interact with them Deacon will burn them so enter photo mode if you want to zoom in before burning them.

Just chill

Days Gone is a great game to just dip into and chill-out riding around exploring killing time with no aim in mind. Pick a base as a HQ and explore out from there. I like Lost Lake as the merchant appears to flirt with Deacon and there is more of it to explore. There's also live music on an evening and the weather seems to change more here than most places.

Experiment with the special sniper rifle or the tazer gun. I've seen some strange hostage situations spawn in unusual places when using these weapons.

In summary, enjoy the game. There are challenges that you can play from the main menu, but if like me you just want to chill out in the world of Days Gone as a break from your day then just drop into your completed save game and continue where you left off riding the roads, killing freakers, hunting game, avoiding ambushes and hunting easter eggs. And if you want to chat with a fellow drifter feel free to drop me an email.

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Article last updated date: 23th March 2023

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