Top ten annoying things about Spotify free on Android

Top ten annoying things about the free edition of Spotify on Android mobile.

  1. If you watch a video in order to get 30-minutes of uninterrupted music you will often get interruptions (adverts) in under 30-minutes (often in the first 10-15 minutes)
  2. Changing playlists can trigger adverts losing your 30-minutes of uninterrupted listening in the process
  3. The Android mobile version works differently from the desktop version i.e. you cannot listen to the same track over and over again on the mobile version
  4. During ad breaks it can play the same default Spotify advert several times
  5. When listening to a song in your playlist and you want to remove it, editing the playlist does not always show that track or all tracks, only a selection and you can only remove it from the desktop version
  6. The suggestion engine cannot distinguish between genre playlists and often offers blended suggestions. For example if you have a playlist of metal and one of opera you may be offered operatic metal
  7. The musical adverts that you are served generally have nothing to do with your listening habits. If you listen to nothing but metal you will get adverts for pop or jazz
  8. After playing through a playlist once, Spotify will next play through suggestions based on your playlist rather than your playlist again
  9. Sometimes the app just won't close and you have to go to Settings - apps - Spotify and force stop
  10. It can hang (a lot)

The above was observed (and found annoying) on a range of Android smartphones at the time of writing.

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Article date: 30th December 2018

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